Photobook Evaluation

I thought my photo book turned out really nice. I loved the cover and how the colorful feathers lead your eye to the beginning of the book and make you want to open it. I also like the way the type is shown and the contrast that the two fonts have one with the other throughout the whole thing. Each subject throughout the book has a title which is well placed. I also love how each page is almost completely filled with pictures. The book is made so that people can look at my photography, and by making the pictures so big, people can see that the photography is the most important part.

There are quite a few spreads in my photo book where one picture is lengthenedĀ into the next page where a picture is just placed on top of the extended background. I think it looks really good and ties the spread together. It also gives the book a nice theme and flow. There is an obvious color scheme in my photo book, and that is made up of neutral colors. There is definitely splashes of color, but the book carries the same color scheme throughout it’s entirety.

Katrina Tolman’s Photobook