Top 5 Images

These are the top images that I feel I have created this semester. I also picked photos that I would like to have printed larger and hang in my home. As you can see, the majority are of horses which live on our family farm. The sentimental value of having pictures of them in our home is more important to me than some of my other portraits of people that I don’t know. But check them out and see what you think!



One Comment

  1. I think the horse theme is very unique and will set you apart as a photographer. My favorite picture is the one of the three horses looking at the camera with the mountains. This one is just perfectly captured with rule of thirds and what a coincidence they were all looking. Did you photoshop anything to have it do that? Something to improve this photo would be to Sharpen the horses in the foreground. In lightroom you can add clarity, and drag in shadows to create more depth, maybe even some vignette too. Re crop this image so that the fence is straight and aligns with the frame, its a little tilted. Lift out the dark shadows on the black horse because this will print pure black in the end and you want to be able to see the features.



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