Magazine Cover and Spread

Sketches of my cover page and spread











1. Description: This project is a made up of two sketches, one cover and one spread for a magazine.
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I used Photoshop, Illustrator and indesign for this project. I took all of the photos that I used in this project, as well as edit them and combine them with words. I selected attractive fonts that wrapped around the photos, and good color schemes to tie everything in together.
3. Message: That there is love for everyone, and that there are several things that you can do to be better.

4. Audience: Young students who need relationship advice
5. Top Thing Learned: I loved being able to learn how to form the photos to a template to make it actually look like a legitimate magazine.

6. Title Font Name & Category: Overpass-San Serif
7. Copy Font Name & Category: Minion Pro- Serif
8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:































9. Source of each image (website name and hyper link): All original photos

Katrina Tolman-magazine




Photobook Evaluation

I thought my photo book turned out really nice. I loved the cover and how the colorful feathers lead your eye to the beginning of the book and make you want to open it. I also like the way the type is shown and the contrast that the two fonts have one with the other throughout the whole thing. Each subject throughout the book has a title which is well placed. I also love how each page is almost completely filled with pictures. The book is made so that people can look at my photography, and by making the pictures so big, people can see that the photography is the most important part.

There are quite a few spreads in my photo book where one picture is lengthened into the next page where a picture is just placed on top of the extended background. I think it looks really good and ties the spread together. It also gives the book a nice theme and flow. There is an obvious color scheme in my photo book, and that is made up of neutral colors. There is definitely splashes of color, but the book carries the same color scheme throughout it’s entirety.

Katrina Tolman’s Photobook

Conceptual Challenge

My three words for this conceptual photo were shells, cold, and drag. The two words I added were mountains and people. I used shot gun shells as the ground that they were riding on, and a cold winter day with my sister being dragged in a sled. I used my first photo to do this, but tweeked it a little bit and added a different angle for the shot gun shells and I put my brother in law on a four wheeler instead of standing. Then I combined these three photos, and used the clone stamp to take out the fence so that the perspective problem wouldn’t be an issue. Over all I think it turned out fun.

Fine Art Print

This is a picture of my dad, our horses and our farm. I love the way we feed our cows with a team of horses and wagon because there aren’t very many people who do that anymore. I changed quite a few things in post production, such as lighting up the mountains, sharpening the horses and my dad and some of they hay; straightening the photo so it was in line with the horizon line. I love the way it turned out and think that it will be a fun gift to give to my dad.

Brochure Project





So the way that this brochure works, is that it folds right above where the blue reflection mountains start and make it look as if there was a blue reflection of the same mountains, but as you open it up, you can see that the real reflection is there as well. It was tricky to get things to line up the exact way I wanted them to, but in the end it all worked. I also love the text wrap which is used in a few different areas of my brochure as well.

1. Description: A brochure that I created for my company Katrina.
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I used mostly Adobe Indesign to create my brochure and edit it. I had to create text wrap so that my words could wrap around my photos, and use attractive fonts to make the brochure more interesting.
3. Message: That I am an artist and that I love the outdoors and alot of my pictures that I paint are scenic as well. 
4. Audience: Homeowners who want personal art pieces in their homes. 
5. Top Thing Learned: I had to print my brochure quite a few times, so I needed to line things up and print some things upside down even in order for them to come out looking like I wanted them to. 
6. Title Font Name & Category: Seravek, San Serif
7. Copy Font Name & Category: Adobe Casion Pro, Serif
8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the projec










9. Source of each image (website name and hyper link): 

Orange Mountains:

Blue Mountains:



Top 5 Images

These are the top images that I feel I have created this semester. I also picked photos that I would like to have printed larger and hang in my home. As you can see, the majority are of horses which live on our family farm. The sentimental value of having pictures of them in our home is more important to me than some of my other portraits of people that I don’t know. But check them out and see what you think!