Close up and Personal


This first photo is of feathers compiled together. I love how the yellow feather is sharp while the others stay more blurry next to it. The black gives the color alot more contrast and makes the subjects more interesting.


This second photo is fun because it gives a subject that isnt the middle of the flower like most pictures. This time, the focal point is the stem and bottom of the flower. It gives a different perspective thats fun and different.


The photo we have next is shown with water drops. It is very interesting and I love how the macro lense creates a lot of detail not just in the water drops but also in the stem. The colors in back of the flower and background are not as vibrant so that the subject of the water droplets are able to stand out more.


This last photo is an interesting one to look at because the water drops create a lot of shadows, highlights and reflections of the flower itself. I love the different colors in the flower as well. The amount of water drops also create a lot of fun textures.


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