Business Identity Project


The logos above are three logos that I made for the same company. I chose the bottom logo to make a letterhead and business card.



Above is my letterhead. I put my main symbol as the E for Exterior to coordinate it with the rest of the my pieces. 


Above I have the front and back side of my business card, which have the logo, information and name so that anyone who has it, knows who the company is and what they do, as well as how to contact them.

1. Description: This was a project where I made a series of three logos for the company, Utah Exterior. This company is a door wrapping company, and after choosing one of my three logos that I made, I created a letterhead and made a business card out of that logo. They each coincide with one another to keep the rhythm in sync.
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I used a few different programs for this project. I used Illustrator, but I also learned how to some of my designs on Indesign. I was able to create and draw my own E for the word Exterior, as well as create shapes and excersize different ideas throughout the process. I was also able to replicate the same look, and logo on all three of my pieces.
3. Message: the message I wanted to portray was that Utah Exterior is fun and unique, but also professional, which I portrayed with my fonts. I then used the color green intentionally to show that this company is eco-friendly and safe for your home. I like the design and way it draws your eyes in. 
4. Audience: This is a company targeting home owners. It is the homeowners who will care and have the authority necessary to buy and apply the door wraps. It is also aimed at those who are in a stage of remodeling, or who want something new done to their home so that it will look better. 
5. Top Thing Learned: Through this project I learned how to create my own original design. I also learned how to create a business card and letterhead. These are important skills that every company needs. 
6. Title Font Name & Category: The E in Exterior was drawn by me, but the rest of the word is font Marker Felt Wide which is Modern. The word Utah is in font Source Code Pro. It is in the category of San Serif.
7. Copy Font Name & Category: Quicksand, which is San Serif
8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project: None.
9. Source of each image (website name and hyper link): None.


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