Portraits and Enhancements

This first picture is an individual side composition with a blurry background. The subject is obviously the one in focus, and has very sharp edges. The background, even being as blurred as it is, still makes a very fun and interesting composition.


This head and shoulders photo is of my roommate Luna. I love how the shadows fade away so well off of her and combine into the background. I added some red to her lips for color.


This individual full body shot is of my boyfriend Cory. He is standing square up to the camera to show off his size and powerful stance. The peace sign given is to match him in with his background a little more.


This candid shot below is really fun of my two roommates. The curtain behind them was black to begin with, but to create a little more of a fun backstage look, I changed the curtain to red. I love their genuine smiles.


This next photo is also of my two roommates, posing this time to get a fun shot. I put this photo in black and white to give it more contrast from the one above. I love how the scarf on Lara matches the white shirt of Luna’s.


These two boys with the pug are in an environmental photo. Kids are always playing with dogs and they love to be outside, especially these two boys. I love how it has the foreground, middle ground, and background, with the subject, cows, and house.


This piece was one I practiced using Dodge and burn with to show more highlights and shadows in the face and hair. I whitened the teeth and I think she looks great! I love the red hair against the black background.


Below I did a match color technique. My first image was too light, but I liked the composition, so I took the color from the picture next to it which is a little darker, and I added that color. The right picture is the composition of the light, with changes in it’s color to make a great final piece. 

Here I have a picture of Cory Gerrard, I took his black coat and changed it to blue. The blue gives a more cold look along with the winter background and fits better in the picture. 




  1. I really like your dark photos with the selective lighting on different parts of the person. I wonder if the first one could be enhanced with a little more light, but to me they are by far the most interesting to look at. I really like the composition in the first dark photo especially. I like the way she’s looking up and how one side is lit up. Nice work.

    Also check out my blog: https://esplinclass1.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/portraits/
    Also check out this blog: https://cassiewagstaffcommunication.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/6a-portraits-enhancements/



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